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Mr. Nghĩa

Today we will have an AMA with BITGET trading platform and new Guest Mr.Leslie Chen — Asia BD Manager of BITGET. The group will be muted so that the AMA session can begin

Mr.Leslie Chen


I am Leslie, I joined in Blockchain field in 2012. After that I have managed multiple projects as well as established first LTC cloud mining pool in Singapore. And currently I am work with Bitget Global. My role is to manage and oversee Bitget global operations, and to promote Bitget to users around the world.

Introduction about Bitget:

Bitget is a world-renowned crypto derivative trading platform, providing 24-hour professional digital asset trading services to the world. It was founded in 2018 and headquarters established at the Asian financial center of Singapore. The team consists of a world-class financial team and aims to create the most professional and secure new exchange in the world.

At launch, Bitget offered regular exchange services. As the market for crypto derivatives grew rapidly, Bitget officially launched the USDT contract in July 2019. It is the first platform in the world that has both USDT forward contracts and inverse contracts, and the most complete platform for USDT contract currencies. At present, Bitget’s daily trading vol is around 1 billion USD and mainly contributed from derivatives products.
Recently, Bitget announced that it has officially completed $10 million USD in Series-B financing backed by Anlan Capital growth fund as well as South Korea-listed Japanese gaming company SNK, raising its valuation to USD $1 billion. Previously in 2018, Bitget received its Series-A funding of an initial $10 million USD by leading Blockchain investment funds.

Mr. Nghĩa

What are the differences of Bitget compared to other exchanges?

Mr.Leslie Chen

Bitget is focusing on derivatives trading, so all our system infrastructure, security, risk management control etc are all specially target for derivatives trading, no system overload in Bitget.

Bitget has trading pairs of both USDT and inverse contracts, so traders can trade efficiently and reduce their risk in the highly volatile markets. Also, long /short both directions can be opened for the same trading pair.

And we are honored that we have the embedded “Copy Trade “Function at Bitget now. “Copy Trade” allows user to copy the trade strategy from Elite Traders on Bitget. It is user-friendly to those without or primary contract experience, user can select multiple preferred Elite Traders, and follow them to automatically synchronize their trading behaviors to achieve profitability just by one click, no more keeping eyes on market.

Bitget’s Elite trader program can help good trader to monetize their trading knowledge and skills. By referring below picture, Bitget offer highest profit rewards to Elite traders, they can get 10% from the followers’ profit, as well as commission rebate.

Mr. Nghĩa

So now Bitget is available in many countries and regions?

Mr.Leslie Chen

Bitget has received many licenses, such as the MSB license for the US, MSB license for Canada, Digital Currency Exchange (DCE) License for Australian and currently Bitget have been granted an exemption from holding a license under the Payment Services Act from MAS, Singapore.

Bitget has always insisted on carrying out business in various countries and regions under the premise of legality and compliance, expanding its international strategic territory and achieving global compliance operations. Bitget is committed to becoming a benchmarking platform for global compliance operations in the industry, providing the most compliant, safe and professional digital currency trading services for users worldwide.

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Mr. Nghĩa

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I want to add one more question that is.

Mr.Leslie Chen


Mr. Nghĩa

Security is one of the most important things. How does Bitget protect user’s asset?

Mr.Leslie Chen

Firstly, as mentioned just now, Bitget has been in compliance with policies and continued efforts to regulate operations
Secondly, we have professional security team, Bitget have the independent research and development of the exchange systems and powerful risk control system, using bank-level SS data encryption guarantee, real-time monitoring of balance detection system, built-in DPI active defense system, and self-developed wallet warning system. S ++-level protection of user transactions and assets and have stood up against hackers.
Bitget has also invested a lot in setting up a security department since Nov 2018, ensuring exchange security and user security as an important feature.
You can go to, key in bitget’s domain ( to check.
Global exchange cybersecurity ranking.

Bitget is ranked no.9 globally

Mr. Nghĩa

Well there is another problem that is. For the copy trading system there are several other exchanges that are starting to implement features like this in their exchanges, are there other advantages possessed by the bitget system? and are there certain conditions for using this trade?

Mr.Leslie Chen

No conditions to use Copy Trade, no need KYC as well.


Mr. Nghĩa

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