XPower Chain X Okex AMA Recap

AMA giữa XPO x Okex diễn ra vào lúc 20h tối ngày 10/09/2019. Dưới đây là bản tóm tất lại nội dung AMA

Giới thiệu qua về AMA & dự án COTI

Hello English telegram im back again for another amazing AMA, you all know who I am and if you don’t let me introduce myself, I’m Wolf@OKEx and I will be your host for this AMA with the CEO of X-POWER Chain, Lyle Kim. 🎉

Now some things to know before we get started, DONT PANIC You are not banned, for parts of the AMA with Lyle we will mute this group.

The AMA session would go on for 1 hour and 30 minutes max, and will be happening as follows:

Part 1: Wolf will give a brief intro of Lyle Kim.

Part 2: Wolf will ask Lyle Kim a few questions collected from the communities.

Part 3: Chat asks Lyle Kim questions. Take some time to think up some really good questions.

There will be looooots of USDT airdropped!

To participate in the airdrop & receive USDT you will need a OKEx App wallet. If you don’t have one, you can download OKEx App here:

Android: http://bit.ly/OKExAndroidApp

iOS: http://bit.ly/OKExIOSApp

Mr. Lyle Kim, is a professional in the Blockchain sector, Mr. Kim has an MBA from an Asian University, and is a Certified Public Accountant of the United States, having a good command of Korean, English and Chinese. He used all of his accomplishments to take important management positions in Korean Government, ITC Business, and some non-profit organizations, as well as serving at the Korean Embassy in China and the United Nations Development Program.

Phần 1: Hỏi đáp giữ admin của Okex & XPO

Q1: Wolf: What’s your motivation?

Lyle Kim: With the commercialization of 5G, we will enter a smart Internet era where mobile Internet, smart sensing, big data and intelligent cloud are integrated.

how to connect the dotted offline screens together, how to make more value in the same time period, and how to allow the huge population suffered huge screen radiation to reach consensus at low cost.

And finally reaching the coming target depends on creating the strong propagation screen matrix that has not existed before, and create more abundant application scenarios for the consumers in all the scenarios. That is what X-Power intend to achieve.

Q2: Very interesting and the next question I have seen ask many times and may be asked again later. But What does your token do?

The value circulation in X-power Chain is settled by XPO. The normal scenarios are four until now.

Q3: i would love to know what those 4 are

Firstly,When the users use paid contents in X-power Chain, such as download App, play games, watch paid videos, listen to paid music, and experience games of virtual scenario, etc., they can pay XPO and the payment will trigger smart contract related to the content. The accounts separation will be carried out in the proportion. Part of the earning will be transferred directly to the developer’s wallet and the other part will be transferred to wallet of X-power Chain Foundation to support infrastructure and operational expenses of X-power Chain.

Second, if the developers embed advertisement in the App or game, after the advertisement is displayed, the smart contract will be triggered and corresponding fee will be transferred from the advertiser’s wallet to the developer.

And then, XPO will be used for offline service purchase for offline scenarios in the future.

Finally, XPO will be transacted in the exchange for currency exchange and token-token transaction in the future.

Q4: Do you have a roadmap for future developments?

Yes, of course.

The future plan of X-power Chain shall be carried out for two main orientations, namely basic technology and business application scenarios.

As the global public chain, X-power Chain will certainly take the primary orientation of the development and update of Blockchain technology.

Meanwhile, it will solve the application issues in business scenarios with Blockchain technology and apply community contract spirit in more scenarios.

Q5: What is the unique feature of your project?

Emm..I would like to say that X-power Chain is actively and quickly carrying out the settlement of Blockchain scenarios, modifying and deploying at more than 400,000 screens in various cooperative scenarios, such as outdoor, buildings, shopping mall, hotel and KTV.

Now, more than 70,000 public screen nodes have been settled throughout the world.

X-power chain is committed to building the public screen big data system, breaking down each public screen by means of WI-FI probe and image recognition, recording the traces of user consumption, entertainment and study.

Real Time Bidding based on advertisement classifies the screens and users by a refined way, and achieves accurate marketing with performance of the advertising.

Q6: I know alot of users always want to know if a token is on its own main net or what chain its on so Mr. Kim

Is this token on its own chain or ERC 20 ?

Yes, XPO token is on ERC 20.

Q7: You’ve told us about scenerios but what i see alot of users talking about is Long term goals and the future. So, What is the function of the xpower in the future?

Yes, i see alot of users concern about the future of X-power.

To meet the business needs of X-power Chain and consider the subsequent extendibility, X-power Chain has some major functions.

The DAPP publishing platform of X-power Chain is a decentralized App store that based on Blockchain technology.

The system is composed of these parts: Content publishing DAPP for publishing the content on X-power Chain.

X-power experience store for the operation of X-power Chain hardware, in which the user can choose the contents they like, such as App, games, videos, and audio.

Q8: Does xpower have plans to build a mainnet and build your own blockhain network?

Yes, it will launch before April 2020.

Q9: talking about your 400000 screens that im still amazed by i and im sure many more would love to know

What’s the value of your offline screen?

OK, the screen can achieve the desired effect of information circulation and sharing through Internet and platform operation of numerous scattered screens.

And enhance value of public culture through networking and Blockchain technology modification, and aiming at obtain such ecological value that the publisher of contents can trace the copyrights.

And the revenue of Token cannot be tampered,no fees incurred to the third party.

It can reach high achievement rate with its strong attractive force and wide coverage, resulting in qualitative upgrading of advertising effect which is what the advertisers expected.

Q10: What’s the specific application of your project?

That’s the core competitiveness of X-power.ahh

Firstly is accurate advertising system based on Blockchain.

X-power chain is committed to building the screen big data system, breaking down each screen by means of WI-FI probe and image recognition, etc., recording the traces of user consumption, entertainment and study.

Real Time Bidding based on advertisement classifies the screens and users by a refined way, and achieves accurate marketing with performance of the advertising.

And second is build person-screen interactive connection, linking person life circle.

X-power Chain links screens at homes, cinema, hotels, health clubs, beauty salons, gyms, etc. on cloud.

The people, having long standing time in front of these screens, can fully obtain or consume XPO, and enjoy personalized services from these screens.

Then is brand-new DAPP app store is developed for public screens.

X-power Chain draws on the wisdom of the masses, opens DAPP app store platform to the global developers, enables the global developers to develop quality App for value-added services for billions of offline users, adopts the node of screen and PDPOS system of X-power Chain, and reaches consensus efficiently for the nodes in the ecosystem.

Phần 2: Cộng đồng hỏi thêm về dự án XPO

Phần 3: Phát hồng bao

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